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Donegal, the Celtic Northwest of Ireland, with its Irish language, folklore, legends, its treasure of traditional songs and melodies and its majestic landscape, provides inspiration for the compositions of the group Norland Wind. Donegal born Noel Duggan, also member of the Irish cult group Clannad (19 CDs, Grammy award) lends a strong Celtic element to the group's repertoire with songs in his native Irish language.
Haunting harp instrumentals written by Thomas Loefke, songs composed by singer/guitarist Kerstin Blodig and traditional songs from Donegal are the main features of the programme.
The harp, Kerstin's clear, expressive voice, Noel's earthy baritone, compact guitar and
keyboard arrangements and vocal harmony blend to create a uniquely evocative and emotional sound. Danish fiddle player Liv Vester Larsen  puts extra energy to this special Norland Wind sound.

CD:   "Storm in a Teacup"      Sound file    Concert Pictures 

  1. Aufzählungszeichen  "...missionaries of Celtic music with overwhelming reactions and standing ovations at
            their gigs."
    VG, Norway

  2. Aufzählungszeichen  "...quite different, yet as stirring as, those mournful ballads of the Emerald Isle."
    Daytona Beach, USA

  3. Aufzählungszeichen  "...belong to the most important composers of today's Irish music." PZC, NL

  4. Aufzählungszeichen  "...a treat for tired ears, disarmingly vibrant muse ..."   Rock and Reel, GB

  5. Aufzählungszeichen  "...sound of charming unobtrusive fascination."   Irland Journal, D

  6. Aufzählungszeichen  "...Blodig impressed us with one of the most expressive voices we've ever heard."
    Glamdalen, Norway

  7. Aufzählungszeichen  "...Loefke writes poetry with his music" new folk sounds, NL

  8. Aufzählungszeichen

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Photo by Manfred Pollert

Kerstin Blodig  vocals, guitar, bodhrán
Noel Duggan (Clannad)  vocals, guitar
Thomas Loefke  Celtic harp, vocals
Liv Vester Larsen  fiddle, vocals
Benjamin Nørholm-Jacobsen keyboard

Norland Wind singer and guitarist Noel Duggan died at the age of 73 on October 15, 2022 in Logh an Iúir, Donegal.

Norland Wind lost a passionate musician and great friend.

Thank you, Noel, for your music and company all these years! RIP