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North Atlantic Viewscapes


Music, photography and the longing for the North have been going together for me for a long time, in my travels, my solo concerts and, for the last 10 years, through the duo project “Norðan - North Atlantic Soundscapes“ with Faroese violinist Angelika Hansen.

This collection of photographs provides the “viewscapes“ to those soundscapes and is  - like the two Norðan albums - expression of a deep affection for landscapes, people and nature in the North - with heavy emphasis on the Faroe Islands.

The book is composed like a good music gig: with first part (Faroe Islands), second part (Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, Iceland and Norway) and encores which are always a bit different to the “main program“: here they allow me an excursion to a place deep   South which has become very dear to me over the last couple of years: New Zealand.                             


North Atlantic Viewscapes

photo book by Thomas Loefke, 128 pages, size A4,  ISBN  978-3-00-076781-4

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